The most multi-gifted and versatile medium the world has ever seen
World’s best Estelle Roberts World’s best Estelle Roberts World’s best Estelle Roberts
World’s best Estelle Roberts
She Demonstrated Many Mediumistic Faculties
World’s best Estelle Roberts
Regularly filled the Royal Albert Hall
World’s best Estelle Roberts
Drawing audiences of 60,000 and more
- still they turned away over 500 each day

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Articles Written About Estelle and Her Work

Estelle the


Many amazing healing stories have been told

Estelle the


Estelle started to see spirit people when she was a child

Estelle the


Estelle heard the voices of the
spirit people speaking to her

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Estelle Roberts

Born in Kensington in May 1889, May Estelle Wills was one of eight children, the only one who from her earliest recollections could hear spirit voices.  Frequently beaten by her father to correct what he considered to be her unruly imagination as he had no understanding of Spiritualism whatsoever.

A frequent visitor from the spirit world was her brother, who had died before she was born.  Many other spirit children would visit and it was a constant cause of concern when her parents would listen to her having conversations with them.

When she grew a little older, she went out to work at the age of fifteen. Estelle secured a position as a nursemaid to a family in Turnham Green, looking after the children, a position which she loved.

Estelle the

Direct Voice Medium

At her home, Estelle regularly held Direct Voice séances under the control of Red Cloud

Estelle the

Trance Medium

Entranced by Red Cloud, she gave many addresses and assistance to people who came to visit

Recently back in print

TWO Great Books

About the work of this

Legendary Medium

The Trumpet Shall Sound

Maurice Barbanell

162 Pages

Some Discern Spirits

Sylvia Barbanell

272 Pages

Maurice and Sylvia Barbanell

Husband and wife Maurice and Sylvia Barbanell were regular sitters and members of Estelle Roberts home circle.  Chatting frequently with the many visitors from both sides of life, they each write about some of there many experiences.

Estelle Communicates after her passing
through the mediumship of

Leslie Flint

Leslie Flint Seance - 9th March, 1972

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