The most multi-gifted and versatile medium the world has ever seen

Estelle the


Many amazing healing stories have been told

Estelle the


Estelle started to see spirit
people when she was a child

Estelle the


Estelle heard the voices of spirit people speaking to her

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Estelle Roberts
10 May, 1889 to
30 May, 1970


Estelle the

Direct Voice Medium

At her home, Estelle regularly held Direct Voice séances under the control of Red Cloud

Esatelle the

Trance Medium

Entranced by Red Cloud, she gave many addresses and assistance to people who came to visit

Born in Kensington in May 1889, May Estelle Wills was one of eight children, the only one who from her earliest recollections could hear spirit voices.  Frequently beaten by her father to correct what he considered to be her unruly imagination as he had no understanding of Spiritualism whatsoever.

A frequent visitor from the spirit world was her brother, who had died before she was born.  Many other spirit children would visit and it was a constant cause of concern when her parents would listen to her having conversations with them.

When she grew a little older, she went out to work at the age of fifteen. Estelle secured a position as a nursemaid to a family in Turnham Green, looking after the children, a position which she loved.

In later life Estelle was married twice. Firstly, to Hugh, with whom she was very happily married.  Hugh understood about Estelle’s spirit friends and in due course they had three children of their own to look after.

 They struggled to get by on Hugh’s limited income as a clerk, and after a few years Hugh fell ill and was thought to be suffering with Consumption which later turned out to be Bright’s disease. No longer able to work, Estelle had to support the family. With ten shillings per week from sickness benefits Estelle frequently went without meals to help feed the rest of her family.

The doctors advised a move closer to the sea to aid Hugh’s medical condition, so they moved the family to Hastings in Kent.  Hugh tried to work but was just not able to attend regularly, so they took in paying guests to supplement their income.  Frequently collapsing from hunger and exhaustion Estelle fought on to support the family.

Throughout this time, Estelle continued to enjoy the company of her spirit friends and she was sure this was all in preparation for something greater to follow.

Months later in May 1919, Hugh became seriously ill and eventually passed to the spirit world as Estelle sat with him and watched his spirit leave his body.  The following few nights Estelle heard Hugh calling to her to join him. He later returned with a different message apologising for calling to her to join him.

At this time, Estelle decided to leave Hastings and move Hampton-upon-Thames with the children.  She secured a position at a local factory which helped her to support the children.  Becoming ill once again Estelle found herself unable to work for several months.  When she was feeling a little better, she started to work as a waitress at Victoria station, which continued until she met and married Arthur Roberts.

Estelle was invited by a neighbour to attend Hampton Spiritualist church which she did regularly and began to understand a little more about Spiritualism.  Singled out by one of the demonstrating mediums Estelle was told “You are a medium and have much work to do”.

Shortly after this, Estelle heard and saw Red cloud for the first time.  This was the start of Estelle and Arthur sitting regularly in a darkened room to further her spiritual development.

In 1922 Estelle and Arthur had a son named Terry. Shortly after this, Estelle felt she had reached a stage in her development that she could work and help people with her mediumship. She longed to share her understanding with people and with the help from Red Cloud she worked among the people bringing messages of comfort to the bereaved.  She also shared greater understanding of what she believed to be the truth about the afterlife.

Estelle continued to sit in her home circle with others including Maurice and Sylvia Barbanell, they always started by singing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ then a gramophone playing during the sitting.  Singing and music give vibrations which are helpful to the spirit world. The record always played was “Rose Marie,” the Drury Lane musical comedy. After about ten minutes you see one of the trumpets move and soon the voice of Red Cloud, “God bless you all.”

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